About us

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Rem0twork.com has just launched this website on the 7th of July 2022.

Our goal is to help 1 million people in the world get a remote job before 1-7-2024.

We will measure this by getting 3 million unique visitors to our website.

Why remote work?

Since we started working remotely, the quality of our lives has improved a lot.

Less work related stress, a happier and healthier life is the result.

The estimate is that around 15% of the worlds population is trying to find a remote job.

15% of 8 billion people means 1.200 million people are looking for a remote job.

We would like to help you and all of them to find your first remote job.

You can find a remote job even if you don’t have experience.

We will focus on starter jobs and internships.

How are we going to help you?

With these 10 steps you will get hired for your first remote job:

1) Update your Work From Home Resume (CV)
2) Decide what job or job types you want to do in the future
3) criteria of your new job
4) keywords for your job search
5) Find the right remote job vacancy for you (several times)
6) Killer remote job application letter (several times)
7) Prepare your remote job interview(s)
8) Perform your remote job interview(s)
9) Negotiate your salary offer
10) sign the contract

These are problems or questions for people looking for their first remote job:

How can I avoid wasting time, energy and or money by being scammed?
Are remote jobs real?
Can I find a remote job? (mindset)
What steps do I need to take to get a remote job?
How can I get (and or stay) motivated to get hired for a remote job?
How to find a remote job vacancy that fits my experience?
How to start working remotely with no experience?
What entry-level remote jobs can I apply for?