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Google is the search engine giant where the idea was born in a dorm room and the first location was a hired garage.

The goal of Google is to make all the information that is available easily accessible to internet users. Google has added many new categories to the search engine like searching for videos, Images, locations or listings on Maps, news shopping, books and flights. Google shows in the “normal results” often blocks of these other options for example Google jobs. Google offers companies the possibility to pay for advertisements (AdWords) to promote their service or product on Google search, YouTube and many other platforms owned by Google. Google is the second most valuable brand in the world after Apple, followed by Amazon and Microsoft.

Google has invested in wearables for example to get notifications on a smartwatch or to use Google remains in 2022 the unbeatable search engine in the world with a massive 92% global market share. Followed by Bing with 3,3%, Yahoo with 1,3% and Yandex with 1%, Google has the vast majority of searches in the world. The Google web browser Chrome also has an impressive 65% market share followed by a 19% market share from Safari, 4% from Microsoft Edge and 3% from Firefox.

About Google remote jobs and the remote culture

Google offers remote work in over 50 countries in the world. Remote work is available as full-time, part-time, temporary and intern.

Unfortunately Google is not a remote first but a remote friendly company meaning that they do allow remote work but it is not their preferred remote culture. About 20% of google employees work fully remote. With 308.000 employees this means 60.000 fully remote employees from Google.

Google jobs remote - Google remote work
Google jobs remote – Google remote work

Google is very clear about what options for remote work are available:

Google hybrid workplace includes remote and in-office roles. By applying to this position you will have an opportunity to share your preferred working location from the following:

In-office locations: Sunnyvale, CA, USA.
Remote location(s): California, USA.

Besides the search engine, Google remote Analytics jobs is a free service used by most websites in the world to track the movement of their visitors. With Google Analytics, webmasters can understand how the customer journey flows and how to make changes and get a higher return on their investment (ROI).

Many current Google employees were able to get permission to stay working remotely after the pandemic-forced rules ended.

Google remote work - work for Google
Google remote work – work for Google

Google remote marketing jobs

Most of Google’s remote jobs are IT and software development related. However, Google does offer also jobs for marketers where technical knowledge is not required.

Here are some Google marketing job titles to give you some idea:

  • Search Engine Optimization Marketing Manager, Ads Marketing
  • Head of Lifecycle Marketing, Email, CRM, Fitbit
  • Senior Field Marketing Manager, Google Cloud
  • Associate Product Marketing Manager (AppDev), Ads Marketing
  • Product Marketing Manager, Android (English, Japanese)
Google work from home jobs
Google work from home jobs

Google remote marketing jobs

Many remote jobs at Gooogle are for developers, programmers and IT related but Google also has marketing jobs available. It i hard to get hired for a Google career but if you have the skills and experience, you can.

Google marketing: Shape the voice of Google’s products by focusing on insights, strategies, and executions within our product, B2B, or brand marketing teams.

Google PR: Develop external communications strategies to captivate global audiences through compelling written and visual media.

Merchandising from Google: Design and deliver global merchandising and retail strategies by partnering with other Google teams.

Google Creative Designer: Define and evolve Google’s design and creative direction when you produce creative digital assets and branding materials.

Create innovative and strategic plans and campaigns to engage Googlers across the globe.

Google remote marketing jobs
Google remote marketing jobs

Copywriter and content creation: Deliver engaging content and communications with your strategy and publishing experience.

Google Events Planner: Plan, produce, and execute impactful events throughout Google.

Advantages of google remote jobs: Working either hybrid of fully remote meaning no more commuting to and from work. This saves you time, money and work related stress.

On 03-09-2022 Google has 5720 job openings on LinkedIn of which 125 are remote google jobs.

Note: Not all remote hiring companies are able or willing to offer remote work in all US states. And to all fully remote companies offer global job opportunities. Google has a lot of benefits though that might attract you to apply for a remote job.

For remote working companies, Google Workspace allows users to use your work email (for example [email protected]) just like you use a private Gmail email address (for example [email protected]). Google workspace has become a great competitor of Microsoft Office. With Google workspace, you also get Google drive storage space and you can use Google spreadsheets, docs, sheets, slides, forms, drawings and many more applications.

Remote Google jobs - job Google
Google remote jobs – job Google

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