The shocking truth about WeWorkRemotely (must read)

General introduction of we work remotely

One of the popular remote working job boards is weworkremotely. You can find a remote job here, they themselves say that they are the best place to list and find remote jobs. We work remotely is located in Victoria, British Columbia, USA. 

We work remotely offers remote jobs in: Programming, Design, DevOps and Sysadmin, Management and Finance, Product, Customer Support and Sales and Marketing. They are specialised in Programming, Customer Support , DevOps/System Admin, Copywriting, Business Exec and Management, Marketing, Design, Job Search, and Remote Jobs.

Weworkremotely work from anywhere
weworkremotely work from anywhere for exampole on the beach in yoga pose

The shocking part about

For companies that like to place a remote job vacancy on we work remotely com, it costs 299 USD. They also have extra options for more visibility like display the company logo, highlight your add or pin it on the top for 7 days. After 30 days the remote job listing automatically gets removed. This means that all job remote postings on we work remotely com are fresh. 

In 9 years they have made over 9 million USD! How we know this? they have posted 28.744 remote jobs for 299 USD each. That is besides the upgrades that are offered of 49 USD to 149 USD: 

we work remotely com pricing
we work remotely com pricing

We have to admit that we work remotely are great at marketing. They get mentioned in most remote job board lists even though they are not meaningful as to how many remote jobs they have available per month. When we created our remote work job boards list of 3.5 million remote jobs, we counted 711 remote jobs on WWR.

On 04-10-2022 the weworkremotely domain is 3296 days old. When you take the 28.780 posted remote jobs and divide them by 3.296 days, you get 8,7 remote job postings per day on average. Per month this means 30 * 8,7 = 262 remote jobs per month only! 

we work remotely com
we work remotely com work relaxed in a park in the sun

From a remote job seeker’s perspective, we work remotely is a bad opportunity to find a remote job. This is because they claim to get 3 million visitors per month all looking at the 500 to 750 remote jobs available. Your chances to get hired are close to zero! Also on Linkedin, you have much more search options to find the right remote job. Here you can learn how to find a remote job on Linkedin. 

If you like to find remote jobs to get hired, have a look at our remote job boards list of 3.5 million jobs!

Enjoy the “VAN” lifestyle while working remotely

Here are also 4 very large pages with in total of 900 companies hiring over 500.000 remote jobs that might help you:

1000+ Remote hiring companies on LinkedIn. (P1/4)

500.000 Remote jobs on LinkedIn. (P2/4)

1000+ Remote hiring companies on LinkedIn. (P3/4)

500.000 Remote jobs on LinkedIn. (P4/4)

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